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Are You Planning to Sell Your House?

Make the most of your sale with these tips

There are a lot of people right know looking to change their surroundings.  For some people it’s moving to the suburbs and for some it may be downsizing.  Whatever the reason the financial environment is making some of these decisions make sense to act on right now.  But what if you have a few of those DIY items around your own house that you didn’t quite get the chance to finish?  

Here’s the good news. If you are looking to make a move sooner rather than later you have some choices. Not every improvement you need to make to your house in order to sell needs to be one that is a significant investment.  Often time the small things can make a difference too and allow you to work within a timeline that is more efficient.

If you are going to sell your home in the next 90 days here are the things you can do now to prep:


The number one thing that buyers love when they are walking into a house is a fresh coat of paint. Walls in a neutral palette can distract from other items in the room that may not be as appealing. When an entire home is in either.  Look at your doors and trim as well to see if they are in need of a touch up too.

Upgrade Lighting

One of the best ways to update a house is to swap out the lighting.  It doesn’t have to be every light, but think about those areas that catch the most attention. Entry way, dining area, kitchens and bathrooms. 


If you have carpet that could benefit from a cleaning or needs to be replaced now is the time.  If your hardwood floors are faded or scratched carpet might be a great option.


Installing new pulls on your cabinets can be a great way to upgrade the design with minimal investments.  Think about other types of hardware that you can also replace like door knobs.

Curb Appeal

The first impression of a house is the one that is made through photos or as they are walking up to the front door.  Address numbers, lighting and the front door should all be attractive and updated.  Trimming trees and shrubs, removing anything that is dead.  Adding mulch and some potted flowers out front along with a welcome mat create the best first impression possible.  

Minimize Belongings

If you have the ability to store items or pare down the amount of personal items you have in the home you should.  Not only will it allow the potential buyers to better visualize themselves in the home but they will get a better sense of the spaces and storage available.


If the house is vacant or if you don’t have the proper furniture available to stage the house to show its potential then bring in a professional.  You can tell buyers this bedroom can accommodate a king sized bed and two nightstands but if they can’t visualize it they may pass.  

What you should forgo:

Painting kitchen cabinets

The time and expense of doing this doesn’t generate the same type of return as if you were installing new cabinets.

Installing new counter tops or appliances in a kitchen with original cabinets. 

Unless the appliances are not working leave them. The new items you add to the kitchen will only highlight the items that are old. 

Anything too disruptive or time consuming – if you are wanting to move quickly don’t worry about the large scale items you “wish you would have done.”  You are better off at this moment to price accordingly for the condition of your house than to take on a 50,000.00 kitchen remodel that will take 6 months and will get you 65,000.00 back.


Don’t forget the small details.  Those easily fixed but not necessary items.  They can distract buyers from the great features of the house.

Also, any big ticket items that may compromise the house that need to be replaced should be addressed or reflected as needing to be take care of when pricing.

Ready to take that next step when it comes to flipping?

Many people get started in the world of renovation and house flipping by improving their own homes. That’s why I’ve got additional resources to help you get the information you need to move forward on creating your flipping life.

Make sure you have the Fixer Upper Checklist so you know which areas are key to added value in a home.

There are several videos available on finding houses, renovations, and funding on the Threshold Homes YouTube Channel. Check out your favorite flipping topics and new videos weekly.

You can’t close a successful and profitable flip unless you start. What is your biggest challenge is with getting started house flipping? I’m here to help.


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Want to buy a property and renovate it?

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Looking to buy a house to renovate? Check out the fixer upper checklist to help you find the house with the most “flip” potential.

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