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Balancing Design Trends in Your Flip

Flipping a home is about renovating and upgrading, but there’s a fine line between where you definitely don’t want to go overboard. Trends are everywhere and some never really take off. That’s why taking the time to make thoughtful and balanced design choices is important.

When it comes to buyers and flips, you often make selections without knowing the buyer’s specific design preference. So it’s essential to identify what areas buyers can easily change if needed. It’s also a good idea to make some classic selections that encompass what the majority of buyers are looking for in a home.

Now you might feel like this sentiment conflicts with the goal to be memorable. I refer to this as the “stand-out factor.” I know there are a few aspects of flips or new homes that buyers respond to. Think of white cabinets, Carrara marble, light wall color, and wood flooring. But, there are small details that you can implement in your design that make a home feel as though it’s not quite like any other.

Let’s get into the details of where you can strike the balance with design choices that are appealing and memorable.


Style and finish-wise, hardware has come a long way. When I renovated my own home, I spent extra time on the hardware finishes. I prefer to mix metals and hardware throughout the home. This provides the opportunity to soften an all-black selection.

Another tip for mixing these items is to use a variety of sizes, depending on the size of the drawers or doors. Consider the vibe you’re going for when making these selections. I also recommend incorporating pulls and knobs as a nice break from seeing all hardware in the same shape.


Pendants, chandeliers, sconces, and more. All lighting options work in spaces depending on the clearance (ceiling height and width). Using an oversized single light vs. multiple pendants can add an unexpected option.

Lighting is also an example of something simple a buyer can change in the future if needed. Ensure you take the extra time to choose fixtures that make sense in the space, but throwing in something unexpected can be a special touch.

Floor tile

Choosing floor tile can feel daunting. Especially when there are multiple rooms, tile is needed. There are so many choices and patterns that work in all styles of homes. Thankfully, I believe this is the place to exercise a bit of restraint.

Mixing multiple patterns can be tricky, so committing to one area for a pattern can keep the space from overwhelming buyers.


This year, as I selected mirrors for the bathroom spaces I was working on, I noticed several new shapes and finishes that brought in just an extra level of design, and I’m a fan!

A few of my favorite mirrors come in sizes that work well in efficient spaces. Barrel and arched-topped selections will be seen in my new projects. I’m also a fan of a large round mirror to break up the typical hard corners, often part of spaces like bathrooms or above fireplaces.

Bonus Design Tips for Your Flip

I kept my trend design tips down to hardware, lighting, floor tile, and mirrors for this post but there’s always more. Function can also work well with trends. Other areas where you can include trendy design without overdoing it are the following:

  • Interesting and decorative wall hooks for towels and robes in the bathrooms
  • Bath storage in a closet or open shelving
  • Entrance area storage (for coats, bags, etc.)
  • Upgrading outdoor area
  • Technology incorporation

Don’t forget about your staging style as well! Keeping appealing and inviting furniture, colors, seating, plants, and artwork can also bring your flip to the next level.

Designing Your Flip

While choosing your design pieces, there are other considerations. One is price, and another is how you match up to the competition. Your goal is to stand out but keep your home balance and your budget in check. Be choosy about where you splurge with design. Be sure you’re making a choice that doesn’t overwhelm or turn off buyers with trendy design by opting for widely accepted and appealing choices that are also easy to change. Additionally, stick to the neighborhood price point. More design and amenities in homes selling means more for your flip, too.

Keeping up with trends is a great way to stand out, but maintaining balance is most important.

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