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Before and After Details: Total Transformation of a Rambler with a View

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Every flip has a story. The first time I came across this neighborhood was in the summer of 2021. A house just went onto the market, and it was 8:30 PM. It looked like a completed fixer-upper in a great neighborhood, but the price seemed to be more in line with a retail buyer purchase.

I scheduled a showing to check it out myself and saw a ton of potential. There was a great lot, updated and new construction homes all around, and a floor plan that could easily be updated. We offered immediately, and then we waited.

To our surprise, we were one of the multiple offers, and the sellers chose to move forward with another offer instead. The bright side of this experience was my exposure to a new neighborhood. Now that I closely looked at this area, I was able to keep an eye out for future opportunities. Fast forward to this property we call the “Rambler with a view.”

Once this property became available, it was a definite green light on everything except purchase price which was still just a bit high based upon the extent of renovations/repairs needed. It had an element of surprise with the extra room on the main floor, it was a blank slate for style, and had tons of potential. I suspected waiting for a price change would pay off. Thankfully, circumstances changed, the price went down, and the timing was right for an offer.

The Transformation Potential

This home is a single story with a tuck-under garage. I have designed this house style before, with a few exceptions.

This home had:

  • A massive deck on the side of the house with shared access by two bedrooms.
  • An additional living space on the main floor was great, but the extra doors to the exterior were a miss (head scratcher)
  • A lower level that was a bit shorter on space than is typical and no good transition from the garage into the house

These elements posed a slight problem but was easily solved with some planning. That brings me to one of the most asked questions I get from new flippers. 

“How do you know what to change (and more importantly, not change)?”

This house specifically had the above three challenge points, and I identified these three as changes because they may have been off-putting for a typical home buyer. There were also all the standard areas that needed attention, including the kitchen, bedroom, roof, exterior, and windows.

Before getting started, I put together a list of everything to be addressed, focusing on the areas that bring value to the home. For every flip, I scrutinize each space and think about the function and any way improvements can be made. 

You only saw a small part of the main level when entering the living room. To brighten and create cohesiveness throughout the home, we installed light wood flooring throughout the common areas. 

I have said it before, but the kitchen is a focal point in the home, where the most significant change happened. As is, a wall divided the dining room and kitchen space. We revamped the layout to improve the flow and create a warm, harmonious feel.

We took out the wall that divided the kitchen and dining room areas. With space to spare a 10-foot kitchen island! The island is not only a huge bonus for buyers in itself, but it bridges the space between the front living area and kitchen. We relocated the dining room, making room for another sitting area if desired, or even a small table to add some additional dining possibilities. 

With these changes, we completely changed the possibilities for this space, allowing for more flexibility with how it’s used, an open floor plan, and plenty of room to roam.

Next is the space that made this home a “must buy.” The house had an additional space beyond the kitchen. We have a saying that it’s out goal to “take the weird out of houses.” This is a perfect example of identifying the weird and getting creative to resolve.

This space had so much potential that it now serves as a dining room, a great room, and is connected to an amazing outdoor view and deck. It offers a bit of privacy and since the home is on a hill, the views are a sight to be seen. It’s truly a space for all seasons.

Onto the next aspect of the home we tackled. The main floor layout included three bedrooms, a main floor bath, and an ensuite master bedroom. Through when we started, the scale of the baths was a bit skewed. Since they were located back-to-back, the renovation was able to create two new spaces where the ensuite bath was able to gain some space from the hallway bath. With that extra space, we added in a double vanity instead of a single, and expanded the shower.

It’s always a treat when there’s an unfinished lower level that is just perfect for some new spaces! Here, we had the opportunity to create the family room space. This change created a third gathering area in the home, and the sought-after 4th bedroom and bath suite. All to allow for guests or a junior suite situation that so many home buyers appreciate. 

When it comes to a house flip the goal is always to remove as many of the irregularities as possible to create a home that meets the needs and the wants of buyers today. Anticipating and knowing what people will respond to and finding ways to include as many of those details as possible is the surest way to a successful flip.

Take the Next Step to Transforming Homes as a Flipper

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