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Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

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Planning a kitchen remodel in 2022? The last thing anyone wants is a design that starts to feel dated in a few years. Most kitchen renovations should last ten years or more. That’s why a look at kitchen design trends for 2022 should be where you begin your remodeling plans. Keeping ahead of 2022’s kitchen […]

Finding A House to Flip: A 2021 Guide To Find Deals

The process of flipping a house has many steps. From finding a home that meets your criteria, purchasing the home, deciding and completing renovations and selling the home for profit there’s many decisions and steps along the way. While it seems like a straightforward process, it’s also common to run into unforeseen roadblocks or missteps. […]

7 Ways a Flip May Turn Into a Flop (And How to Avoid Them)

There are always things that can go wrong. But rather than focusing on that as a way to not move forward let’s look at how you can have house flipping success. Knowing what to avoid is key. If you’ve heard any of my podcasts or training sessions you’ll know that I firmly believe it’s helpful […]


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