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9 Renovations that Add the Most Value

Real estate is unique and very localized. While there may be some shifts in pricing, according to Forbes, economists aren’t in agreement on what we can expect in the 2023 market. And lately, there seems to be a return to the multiple offers and supply shortages. As investors, the one thing we can control is […]

5 Strategies to Market and Sell Your Flip Property

While you’ll hear plenty of opinions about the real estate market at any given time, I assure you that house flipping can be done in any real estate market. From starting in 2008 to the present day there’s plenty of changes. While you can’t control the market what you can control is how you’re choosing […]

5 Tips for Staging a Home to Sell Fast

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I stage every home I flip.  In fact, I am so convinced that staging is key to a successful offer that I was doing it long before it became the norm.   According to various industry experts (Real Estate Staging Association Publications, the National Association of Realtors, and Professional Staging), 85% of staged homes sold […]


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