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10 Things to Look For in a Contractor

Your flip will only be as good as the people on your team. Hiring a contractor can take time but it is worth the work to get a contractor within your budget, who agrees to your timeline, has good reviews, and who you get along with. I have looked for and vetted many contractors, and, […]

8 Ways to Save Money on Renovations

A primary way you can lose profit on your flip project is by over-renovating. Over time, you’ll learn how to best walk the line between renovating enough and not too much.  Think strategically to ensure you’re renovating what needs to be done without overdoing it. It’s a balance with an end goal of attracting the […]

Exterior Renovations Three Ways – Best Ways to Upgrade and Save

Curb appeal is key to an exterior renovation. The smaller touches like a bold front door, new address numbers that have a modern edge and a lantern or two can make the exterior one that can’t be missed. But there’s some large ticket items like a roof, windows and siding that you may need to […]


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