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Simple Upgrade Details to Add to Any Flip

With more than 150+ homes flipped it would be easy for me to put some design choices on automatic.  While I may be a fan of a few paint colors and subway tile, I also have some specific details that I incorporate with each home to add something extra.

It is my goal with each and every house to have buyers and agents comment on it even if the house is not the one that they decide to purchase.  If the layout and design are enough to cause people to provide feedback then I know I accomplished one of my primary goals with that home. 

A New Front Door

Choosing a door style over the year was pretty difficult.  Long order times and a small selection had me sticking with one door style for a few years.  Until everyone found out my source…then I had to make changes again.  Using a unique style or color of front door shows buyers right away that you want your renovation to make a good impression.  This is a small and simple task but I see many house flips priced at top dollar with an old front door looking tired and dinged greeting buyers.

Add Open Shelving

Kitchen design is an area where people automatically assume “too expensive” for a flip or renovation budget.  With open shelving, that is no longer the case.  When you make changes to an upper cabinet (or two) with open shelving, your cabinet budget will likely decrease by a few hundred dollars when you take out those traditional cabinets. On top of creating a more open and spacious look, the open shelving can either be purchased and installed or custom built by a carpenter.  It can be stained to match other elements in the kitchen and offers display space for prized cookbooks or dishes as well as easy access to frequently used items.  

Kitchen Island End Panels

Any price point house can benefit from an end panel on a peninsula or island.  Finishing touches are an item that I firmly believe sets the quality of a project apart from another.  End panels are another opportunity to create a unique and custom element in a home.  It can complement the style of the home or introduce a new element to add character.  Think of a home that lacks original details, like a 50’s rambler.  No hardwood, no trim detail no arched doorways.  Installing an island in the kitchen and adding some trim to the end panel all of the sudden creates a home with some swagger.

Trending Tile

Scoping out the trends in tile is free.  Finding similar looks for less requires a little bit of research but is where your flip will stand out.  My tile selections are consistent when it comes to the tub and shower surrounds.  I am a fan of subway tile in a variety of sizes and will mix it up from house to house.  Using various colors of grout is another way to change the look from house to house.  When it comes to floor tile selections, I love a good pattern on the main floor or lower level.  For master baths I consider the overall area of the space to balance the expenses for the space.  With more floor area, I often choose a 12 x 24 Carrara look product.  For smaller areas there is a bit more room in the budget so marble mosaic is a classic choice with a touch of luxe.

With each and every house there are are few winning details that are proven.  By incorporating these changes into your projects, you are sure to create homes that feel custom and standout among other renovations that buyers may be considering. 

Want to buy a property and renovate it?

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