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The Chatelain Casa Remodel Reveal

A Classic Rambler with a Twist Flip with Before & Afters

The latest project completed was nicknamed the Chatelain Casa and the story of how this home was purchased is worth diving into as well before we get to all the

This house was listed on the market and had initially been priced high.  There was an offer received after some price adjustments but the buyer’s circumstances changed and they cancelled the purchase agreement. 
The house was in a GREAT location and there are several homes that are either being torn down and replaced with 1.5 million dollar and up homes or they are having additions put on then being sold for around 1 million dollars. 

With this house being listed at the price range it was if some additional square footage could be added without a structural addition and the layout of the house significantly changed than we could list at a price that was lower than most other new construction or significantly renovated homes.  That would create an updated home for a buyer in a neighborhood that they may not be able to enter otherwise unless they were willing to purchase a home that needed significant renovation.
Major changes were made to create an entry way that made sense.  The previous owners had made some updates and one of them was to create a step from the entry down into the living room.  We raised the front door to create a level floor and it was the perfect choice.

The Exterior

When you walked in to the home before the living room was long and part of it extended into the entry way.  With a bedroom on the other side of the wall I “stole” some space from the living room and entry to add a master bath to the bedroom.  For homes in this neighborhood that are renovated and at a certain price point a master bedroom is a “must.”

The Living Room


It is impossible to see the living room transformation and not notice the new kitchen space.  The old kitchen was separated from the living room and there was just a doorway to the dining room.  Definitely not a space that you would feel connected to your friends and family as you were cooking.  With the new layout the wall around the staircase was removed truly connecting all of the spaces.  The old dining room space was used for the new counter depth refrigerator and range.  And the best part is just behind that wall is a walk-in pantry worthy of snacks and canned goods for days.

The Kitchen

This is my favorite option….and something that I am always on the search for. The amazing thing about these spaces is that if they have generous ceiling height they are truly blank slates you can design from start to finish.  They also may include niches and nooks that are perfect to add unique and custom design elements.  Think sliding doors, coffee bars, built in shelving and comfy seating areas. 

More of this Reveal Next Week ..

There are so many good things to look at from this project that we had to create two posts to cover all of them.  Make sure to check back next week for more details on the Chatelain Casa and the transformation from purchase to handing over the keys. 

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