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Choosing Bathroom Tile

Once you have decided to pursue a bathroom renovation, then you are faced with the true gauntlet of choices. One of those is choosing the bathroom tile. There are so many images and options available consider selecting images from Pinterest or Instagram can be a great jumping off point.  Many posts and images may even include links for sources. Hopefully, as you collect these images you will soon see a style or palette develop from those choices to give direction to your project.

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind as you move through the decision making process.

Choosing Bathroom Tile
Tile Samples

1. Know your color scheme

By selecting one item, and then working from there, you can create a cohesive palette that you will look forward to. It may be a certain vanity that you then choose a tile to complement. Or perhaps you have found a tile you love for the floor and all other design decisions are made around that floor. However you decide to progress, make sure that you have samples of anything with you so you can decide accordingly. A tip that I use – I will remove a vanity cabinet door and carry it with me when choosing bathroom tile.

Choosing Bathroom Tile
Carrara Venato Basketweave

2. Keep size in mind

Tiles come in a variety of sizes, so it is easy to mix and match. Keep in mind, if you are using smaller tiles, then you are going to have more grout lines. These grout lines can help to break up a space and make it seem smaller. By using a large format tile in a small space, you can create the illusion of more space. When grout lines are fewer and far between the impact of the larger tiles is maximized.

Choosing Bathroom Tile
Wood Tile in Herringbone Pattern

3. Mix and match

There are collections of tile where there may be a hexagon or a 12×24 tile and a 3×6 tile that can be installed in combination with each other but don’t feel limited to those options. I often mix a standard white tile with a more luxurious splurge tile like a Carrara. It not only adds dimension but it can be a great budget-friendly way to get a designer look.

Choosing Bathroom Tile

4. Think Neutral

If your bathroom renovation is going to endure the test of time, you may want to make classic selections and bring in color and personal style with paint, rugs, towels, and accessories. A neutral floor selection can ground the space. Especially in a master bath which can be a large investment and can add value in the future. Making a more graphic, or trendy, selection can add some interest to smaller bath spaces like a powder bath or a children’s space.

Choosing Bathroom Tile

5. Grout Counts

Do not neglect this small but impactful decision. When you are choosing bathroom tile that is dark, white grout will have a significant contrast. Selecting a grout that is more similar to the tile will be more subtle. If you want to see the difference grout choice can make on a space, check out Pinterest. You can search for images with white penny tile and dark grout, compared to the same tile with light grout. Grout can also tie a space together when your tiles are in contrasting shades and you use the same grout color.  Think white subway tile in the bath surround with grey grout and black tile on the floor with the same grout color.

Choosing Bathroom Tile
Carrara Marble

6. Shop around

Many of the big box home improvement stores carry tile at a fraction of the cost of tile distributors. Also, make sure to check their online inventories as they often have selections not available in the stores.  Many of these are similar to higher-end tile looks at a fraction of the cost.  There are also some great websites that offer high-quality tile at a lower price than some large tile chain stores.  Bottom line….when you’ve identified a look it’s worth a “Google” to see if the pricing is comparable from seller to seller.

Bathroom renovations are an exciting undertaking.  Whether you find yourself curating a space for your own enjoyment or to increase value for resale this is a project that will be well worth the time and effort.


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