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Choosing the Right Vanity for Your Bath Renovation

For such a small space there are a ton of design decisions that go into a bathroom renovation.  When I am planning I like to start with the vanity. As the focal point the decision for this piece creates the plan for all other elements including tile, paint, and lighting.  This selection has a few criteria that can help in narrowing down the choices since the options are truly endless. Here are the questions that can help make this decision one you will be sure is a match for the house and the space.  

Which vanity finish should I choose?

This is where I look for inspiration.  Are there recent images on Pinterest or Instagram that have caught my eye?  Is there a certain element in the bathroom that we are working with that I need to consider when choosing the finish of the vanity?  For example, some bathrooms have had hardwood floors so I tend to choose painted finished vanities for more contrast in those rooms. I also look to the style of the house and what would best complement the style or era of the home to create a bathroom that is updated and modern but does not look out of place in the home as a whole.  When in doubt, I go with a white vanity.

What type of vanity counter top do I want?

When you are shopping for vanities make sure to look at the options for the countertop as well.  Some will offer different choices such as granite, marble or quartz. Make sure to check and see if a countertop is included in the price or if there is an additional cost to include it.

What type of storage do you need?

Creating efficiency in a bathroom requires storage.  When it comes to the vanity, choose a style that works with the other storage available in the space.  If there are closets or cabinetry already in the space then you may have flexibility to choose a vanity that may be a trough or pedestal style instead.  A tip I often use is that I will select a vanity with an open shelf on the bottom if there is limited storage for towels. That way you have a place to put them that makes them easy to reach when needed.

What style faucet will you need?

The installation of the faucet will depend on the holes that are drilled into the countertop.  There are two types of faucets, a centerset or a widespread. If you are purchasing a vanity that includes a top make sure that you take note of the type of faucet needed so that you purchase the correct style when it comes time to install.

Final tip –

There are so many great retail sites to purchase vanities online.  Make sure to check across several to compare pricing options. You may be able to save big on vanities with similar finishes and features just by checking other vendors.  

Shop some of my favorite vanities –

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