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Design Your Flip for Your Ideal Buyer

Part of the process when flipping a house is creating spaces that you know will appeal to buyers.  Often times homes linger on the market for reasons that are relatively easy to fix…if you know how.  

In a recent article I read about trends in home sales, the largest percentage of home buyers are currently millennials. 

What is interesting about this trend is that is has been spoken about for 5 plus years, but only recently have I seen that translate when it comes to sales of homes I work with. 

What draws a buyer to a home can be the same across generations, so any improvements you can make that address these wants can make a difference:

1. Open Floor Plans

I have never heard a buyer say “I really like this house but the floor plan is just too open.”  This request has been at the top of the list for many years and in fact, when I was first starting to renovate homes there were plenty of people who weren’t opening up the kitchen to the dining and living areas to “save money.”  That gave me a big oppotunity to make my homes stand out. It was worth the extra cost to create a bar counter in these kitchens that buyers absolutely loved.

2. New Kitchens

Have you ever heard the saying “old carpet is like someone else’s underwear?”  Well the same can be said for kitchen cabinets. Rarely have I seen cabinets that looked good on the inside and the outside so that they were suitable for salvage.  Maybe that’s more a testament to the types of houses I check out, but the cleaning of cabinets to prep and paint them is more significant than most people think. And after spending the time and money, they are still not new.

3. No Formal Dining Room

There has been a shift from the dedicated, traditional spaces where gatherings were hosted once a year.  Today’s buyers are looking for the flexibility to use spaces as they want. With dining spaces, as long as you have the ability to expand a table for guests your options for entertaining are open. 

When it comes to flipping homes you want to make sure that the choices made will appeal to the most buyers.  Knowing what buyers want and incorporating that into the renovation is the smart way to market your flip home before its even completed.

Want to buy a property and renovate it?

Looking to buy a house to renovate? Check out the fixer upper checklist to help you find the perfect house.

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