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Exterior Elements you Don’t Want to Miss!


With all the details inside when you are renovating it can be easy to overlook the items that will greet your potential buyers. I have walked up to a newly renovated house countless times and noticed various exterior elements that were missed. Each on its own isn’t a deal-breaker.  But together, it creates a question of what other items may have been missed?

The Front Door

If you are fortunate enough to have an original door that is in good condition you have some choices.  For most people, a replacement door is going to be a better decision. Old front doors can be drafty and if they haven’t been cared for or protected from the elements, they may be damaged beyond repair. An updated door can be purchased for under $300.00 and the impact is worth 10 times that amount.

The Mailbox

Right?  When did cute mailboxes become a thing?  Well, they are and now you know. On top of that, they were crazy expensive ($200+).  Luckily this exterior element has become more affordable and I have some favorites. Another budget-friendly option is that you can choose a spray paint color and give any mailbox new life.  Matte black even brushed brass.

Address Numbers

Most address numbers are original to the house. It makes sense to bring these up to speed too when you are changing everything else.  There are some great options at the big box stores online. You can get creative here too with either installing them on the house, areas where there is trim or on the sides or above the door.  If you need some contrast, consider mounting them on a plaque (stained or painted). And again, if you need these numbers to be in a different color, just break out the spray paint.


It seems like forever ago when exterior light choices were limited to a two-pack of carriage lights at Home Depot.  Like everything, this too has changed. Those lights are still available and there are also many more choices that are priced similarly but add more when it comes to the curb appeal.  


A few years ago, I walked through a house that we had lost out on in a multiple offer situation.  I wanted to see how it turned out. It was priced just under 600K dollars which is a lot of money.  As I walked up the steps, the first thing I noticed was the original railing. It was rusty, the paint was peeling, and the base had separated from the step so it was just hanging.  It sent an immediate message to me that whoever had done this flip hadn’t been about the details. Check the building code. Railings can be removed if they aren’t needed. Are they in bad shape? Replace them.  Do they need some love? Wire brush and paint them. Even if you don’t hear it from buyers or buyers agents…they matter.

Keeping these exterior touches in mind will help convey the level of attention and detail that was used throughout the project.  It’s a great way to truly welcome buyers and highlight your homes best features. 

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