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Exterior Renovations Three Ways – Best Ways to Upgrade and Save

Curb appeal is key to an exterior renovation. The smaller touches like a bold front door, new address numbers that have a modern edge and a lantern or two can make the exterior one that can’t be missed. But there’s some large ticket items like a roof, windows and siding that you may need to address too. These items can take up a sizable part of a renovation budget. If you’re fortunate you may find a home with some of the materials in good or even newer condition that can be salvaged. The downside is that often they may be in good condition but the color or style may not be what you would choose. No need to scrap it and spend more. There’s plenty of opportunities to incorporate existing and new to create a home that stands out. Here’s a few combinations of exterior renovations where some items may have been retained and some more items replaced. What to replace and what to keep can be easy when you have inspiration to guide you.

1. Two Out of Three

Replaced:  Roof
Replaced:  Windows
Retained:  Exterior stucco (painted)

This house has the full makeover.  The one area we saved on, just a bit, was the siding.  Since the original material was stucco it didn’t need to be replaced…just painted.  In this neighborhood there are a lot of original colored stucco houses (off white and tan) so we didn’t want to stray too far from the original palette but we wanted to freshen up the house.  The combination of this color with a deep grey green accent on the exposed soffit and fascia was unique and modern, while maintaining the craftsman appeal.  

The windows on this house were a splurge for two reasons.  One, the house is on a corner so we decided to install the divided light windows on all sides rather than just the front.  Two, there were so many of them, as is typical in this style home. At the end, the investment was worth it and the charm was retained. 

2. Work With (Mostly) What You Have

Kept:  Roof
Kept:  Siding
Replaced:  Windows

Hiding behind these overgrown trees was a bit of a hidden treasure. With a newer roof and siding the windows were the only item needing replacement. This exterior is the perfect example of how you can re-use things that you may not have originally chosen yourself.  With this house, the shingles were less than two years old but were not my first choice of color. Instead of removing them, I chose an exterior color scheme that tied everything together as if it was meant to be.  The siding was metal so we were able to paint that a crisp white to work with the roof. And the windows? I went for the splurge with black windows (first time). Since we didn’t have a ton of them and we kept the roof and siding, I figured this was a new way to change the exterior appearance up a bit.  Plus-the windows would not have looked the same if they were white with a white exterior. The contrast was a perfect necessity. Oh…and we removed a tree or two.

(Side note:  the main sewer line was found to be in poor condition and needed to be replaced so that’s why we have the ramp)  Ahhh…the surprises we come across. 

3. Budget Friendly With a Little Extra

Replaced:  Roof
Keep: Siding
Replaced:  Windows

When you are working with a smaller budget then there are times when materials that are in good condition need to be retained.  That was the case with this 1 ½ story house. The roof was at the end of its life but the siding was in good condition. In fact, it is metal.  That means it won’t crack and can even be painted. The roof was installed in a shade that co-ordinated with the siding and many of the windows were replaced.  As we were finishing up and removing the old awnings there was still some curb appeal needed so we added the cedar details to amp it up a bit. And I love those black metal sconces we added too. The cedar details were added for interest and to cover prior awning attachment.

I hope these three houses give you an idea of what you can work with when you are planning your flip project.  Exterior materials can be a significant part of your budget but if you can create a color scheme around existing items or work with them as they are, you are well on your way to staying on track. 

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