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Fireplace Makeovers

Fireplaces add something to a room.  They can add interest, texture, a spot for the TV you name it.  Whenever possible I try to include existing fireplaces into the space planning.  Home owners often have them on their list of “wants” and in a cooler climate they can be a great way cozy up your space.  Their presence also adds value from an appraisal perspective. 

Let me share my favorite way to renovate and upgrade a property with a fireplace makeover.

Brick Fireplace Makeover with White Painted Brick by Amber Miller

Fireplace Makeover Options

The great majority of fireplaces are brick which makes an update with paint very easy. I have seen great transformations using a dark grey but I’ve been partial to white. It’s neutral and works especially well when the rest of the home is being updated with light and bright color palette.  A masonry paint will give you the best coverage. Cost under $30. (side note…if you have a smooth tile surround that you aren’t loving that can also be painted.)

If you find yourself the proud owner of a shiny brass fireplace door or one that has seen better days I have the most affordable way to address those.  Flat black spray paint (make sure to get the high heat version).  Remove the fireplace doors and tape off the glass for an immediate upgrade.  Cost under $7.

Something I have been doing more often lately is installing gas inserts for fireplaces.  Since the electrician and plumbers are already working in the homes it may make sense depending upon the condition of the existing chimney.  Now there’s no lumber jack skills required for gathering around the fireplace. Cost $3000-4000.

If you are not a fan of the mantle paint can help you there too. If the scale of the mantle is on the smaller side you can install a substantial reclaimed wood version. Either supported with brackets or a floating version it will add a does of modern farmhouse charm immediately.

My Fireplace Makeovers

A couple of my own fireplace makeovers lately have all involved white bricks and upgrade mantels.

What a difference a good fireplace makeover makes! It makes it easy for a buyer to picture themselves in a warm and comfy space.

Want to buy a property and renovate it?

I have flipped over 150 homes in the Minneapolis area and I have great advice on what to look for in a property. There are 8 things I immediately look for to increase a home’s value with renovations …. maximize my profit!

Stay tuned for next week… I have more staging tips and fun fixture ideas coming your way!

White Brick and Mantel Fireplace Makeover Ideas by Amber Miller

More fireplace makeovers that I love are over on my Pinterest board: Focus | Fireplaces

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