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5 Easy Upgrades You Can Make to Your Space Without Leaving the House

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Since everyone is spending a bit more time at home than maybe they had planned, maybe now is the perfect time for those small upgrades you’ve been meaning to do.  

I have put together a list of updates that are easy and can be ordered online – no additional trips to the store required.   

Door Knob Change Out

If you want to make a quick impact on a door, switch up the knobs.  You can remove them and give them a quick coat of paint, or you could order a new style. Matte black finishes are going strong and there are plenty of styles to fit your home. Here are a few of my picks:

Light Fixtures

My number one tip for anyone who wants to freshen up their space is to swap out their lighting.  Chandeliers can be very cost-effective and can completely change a dining room or entry. When it comes to the bathroom, new lighting upgrades can be found relatively cheaply as well.

Cabinet Hardware

I remember when there were literally 5-10 different types of pulls at the home improvement store.  Oh, how things have changed. These days, Amazon is my top source for hardware in all finishes. Great for kitchens, and baths, updated hardware is a small, but subtle change you’ll appreciate every time you walk into the room.

Curtain Change Out

If you haven’t installed curtains in your home, maybe now is the time to mix it up.  If you’ve had them up, you can switch it up by taking them down. Simply doing the opposite of what you’ve had can change the feel of the room. Even simple white curtains can add a crisp, fresh feel to a room.

Paint Refresh

As I was typing this, I got an email from our local Hirschfield’s store that they are still open for paint orders.  If you don’t have one of those stores nearby, I found that you can order Glidden paint through Amazon. There are also a few other sites that will allow you to order paint online.  If you are going for a new color you may want to just order a sample before committing. I have seen a well-loved and seemingly perfect shade of navy blue that ends up looking purple in my own space.  If you want to see some of my favorite paint colors, you can find them here (link to interior paint post.)

While there are certainly more ideas you could implement to give a few quick upgrades to your home, this list will definitely get those decor wheels spinning.  Just as I was putting this together, I had the thought of 2 or 3 of these together. Hello, new curtains, hardware, and chandelier. What a combination to brighten up your day (or days) at home.

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