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Free Resources to Up the Design in Your Flip

Any resources you can find for free when house flipping is a win. For people who are just getting started or are experienced when it comes to flipping there is always a concern with creating a house that buyers want.  

Many people even believe that they need to have experience or extensive education in design in order to be successful.  As someone who had neither of these, I am here to tell you that if you take the time to tap into a few resources you too will be able to create a home that buyers want. 

After years of designing houses and listening to buyers as they walk through, I know that they love the little details that make a home feel unique.  They aren’t looking for the house that looks like everyone else’s, for the most part. They also don’t want anything too trendy or specific. It’s a balance between neutral and a touch of custom.  And you can do this at any price point.

Here are a few free resources you can use to help create better designs in your next flip project.


If you are not familiar with Pinterest it is a type of digital bulletin board.  There are thousands of images that you can choose or “pin” to your own personal account.  Everyone loves the modern farmhouse look but not every exterior has black windows and white board and batten siding.  But, what if you could choose similar finishes for the kitchen and bathrooms? Maybe use the same paint color on the wall as they did in the 1 million dollar 5600 sq. foot house in Florida?  

Model Homes

While builder basic homes used to be considered boring, some builders have stepped up their design game.  Especially when it comes to the design in their models. Now, these houses are a great opportunity to see what selections the pros are making for their models to really shine.  


Houzz is a similar platform to Pinterest in that there are thousands of images.  Some of those images are from people but some are from architects, designers and contractors.  It gives an insider’s view as to what people are doing in their homes from the comfort of your couch.  You can spot trends, look at the different levels of projects and search by room and style of design. There is even a spot where people can ask questions about sources or paint colors to “get the look.” 

HGTV or Other Home Improvement Shows

Watching renovation shows may not be everyone’s favorite pastime but you can certainly catch some design ideas as you watch.  I prefer the shows where they are making renovations and selections on a home that is going to be sold as compared to one that is for a homeowner.  When the design is for a specific person it may prove to be too taste specific for a flip project. Remember you want to choose elements that appeal to a wide variety of buyers. These are also the shows that homebuyers are watching so if you can incorporate some of these elements into your home you’re creating an instant connection between their perfect home and reality.

Designing a flip buyer’s want doesn’t have to make you crazy.  And if none of these ideas work for you consider hiring someone to make design selections for you.  For a small investment, you can have a professional designer or stager help with this. A bonus is that you can re-use these ideas for future projects as well.  Even if you are not a fan of design this process is something you want to add to your arsenal. If not you, then bringing in resources who are good at this will help you achieve a better flip and a home that sells quickly, which is the exact outcome you want.

Want to buy a property and renovate it?

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