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Home Design Trends to Use in 2021

Home design trends to use in 2021 are showing to be a favorite. Traditionally, I’ve always executed the design of flips a bit differently. Early in my flipping career, the majority of people who were flipping were using the exact same items in every project. Same lights, same vinyl flooring, and the same paint color. From a simplicity standpoint, that makes things easy, but it’s also a bit repetitive. One of the areas I’ve been able to create flips that stand out is with the design. Just because a house is a flip doesn’t mean it has to look like every other flip.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a shift when it comes to designing for flips. While there’s an element of classic to the selections, there’s also been a change in a few areas. Here’s a few of my favorite ways to change up the traditional flip in 2021.


Mixing Up Cabinetry

While white cabinets remain the top choice for home buyers, there are also opportunities to mix it up a bit. Cabinets in a contrasting color for an island with the rest of the cabinetry in white is a nice mix-up. Think colors like navy, black, grey, or even green. While these may seem bold, there are also varieties of these colors that are considered neutral. The cost for adding a painted finish is also a budget-friendly way to create a custom space without extending the timeline to accommodate custom cabinetry.

The Modern Traditional Vibe 

Although I’ll always likely incorporate some touch of detail that could be considered farmhouse I’m leaning into some slightly different looks that can either work on their own or alongside farmhouse. With many of the homes I work on there’s no existing architectural or design elements to work with. When you have a blank slate, anything is possible. That’s why pairing styles can work well in those homes. Think a vertical shiplap, which leans more modern with a classic black and white color scheme, which can be more classic or traditional.

Vanities with Wood-Tone

While vanities were once limited to primarily a white finish. And maybe a traditional gold oak stain from the 1990s. Now, in addition to white, there are a variety of wood-toned vanities of all styles. Since many bathroom spaces also include tile, this is a nice change, particularly if the tile is lighter in color.  When selecting a vanity make sure that the vanity top is one that will work with your space as well. There can be a wide range of materials and subtle shad variations that you don’t want to be an unwelcomed surprise when it comes to vanity installation day.

Sleek with a Bit of Warmth 

Adding touches of wood to a home can act as a balance to much of the “light and bright” that is created in homes with light walls and light cabinetry. One of my favorite ways is to install open shelving in spaces like kitchens or even bathroom niches.

Lighten Up on the Floors

All the wood tones matter. When it comes to wood floors, I am always a yes. If fortunate enough to have original wood in place, then salvaging and working with that is a fantastic option. Medium stains work well with those floors.

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Dark in Small Doses

Incorporating dark accents throughout a home is perfect for adding interest. In a mostly light and bright house, a dark element is a visual pause. Fortunately there is no shortage of places to add these dark punctuations. Lighting, hardware, accent walls and cabinetry are a few of the places where you can install these touches. The bonus when working with black is that it also partners with wood and mixes with different metal finishes.

Every home flip has its unique qualities. Renovating and designing each of these projects is an equal part of the budget, vision, and anticipating what will appeal to future buyers. 

When you make selections that work while creating a unique space, you’re improving the odds of a top-dollar sale.  And at the same time curating a home that draws people in to make this unique space their own.

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