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Updating Your Home’s Exterior Paint

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So it’s time to update your home’s exterior paint?

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The first thing you may want to consider is what is your home exterior paint goal?

That might seem like a strange question but there are many directions exterior paint can take a house.

The following list may help you determine the correct exterior paint direction for your home.

  • Are you looking to tackle it from a maintenance perspective?
  • Is it to refresh what you already have and like?
  • Are you looking for a completely new look?
  • Would you describe your taste as more classic or more modern?
  • Are you planning to sell your home in the near future? (less than 5 years).

These questions, as well as answering the questions below, can help give you a path as you make your selections:

What is the age, style, and neighborhood of the home? – On a block where ninety percent of the houses are Tudor style you probably want to consider more classic and timeless exterior choices.

Are there Accent Opportunities? – Does the home have trim in places where you could transition colors? Is there large-scale trim around doors and windows? If so, these are areas where you could go light to balance a darker selection for the body of the home. You could also consider varying the shades by using colors on the same paint swatch or having a color lightened to use in another area.

What is not changing? – Are there fixed details like shingles, trim, windows and doors that are not going to change? If so, those need to be included in the palette as you are choosing colors. I have worked around many an orange-brown shingle color while updating a home’s exterior.

Is a monochromatic look what you are hoping for? – Painting everything the same color even when the materials are different can be a stunning option. This look can work well when teamed with various textural elements and other focal points like a front door or landscaping. It is a great way to modernize a home that may have stacked stone or brick that is not going to be replaced.

Are you leaning towards the dark side? – There are so many beautiful dark options for exteriors and they can be seen on all style of homes. If you are leaning in this direction know that there can be very subtle variations in these colors so that some can lean more purple or blue. Having samples made and painting them on both the sun and shade sides of the house is the best way to choose. Once you have chosen a color get samples of your trim color as well to paint next to the house color to make sure there are no odd undertones that may not work for you.

Will there be new details added? Trim, shakes, areas where materials are different? – Doors, shutters, and columns are all architectural details that can affect color choices.

Last but not least tip – Don’t forget to hit up Pinterest. I have had great success in finding some color combinations that turned out to be stunners. Word of caution, I have also tried colors from Pinterest that looked great in the photos but hideous when I put the sample up on the exterior.

Always always always get a sample up in the shade and in the sun before you make a final decision. It is well worth it. Nobody wants to pay for exterior paint twice.


We would love to know how your project turned out and what colors worked for you.

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Happy Painting!

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