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House Flip Go To’s: Design Selections

This week we are going to talk all about choosing materials when it comes to flips and renovations. 

I was actually looking back in my DM’s over the past 3 weeks and there are a lot of people who are busy when it comes to renovations. And there have been a number of questions lately about the best materials to choose when it comes to house flips.  

So this week, I am going to be sharing all the details on which materials are my top choices for house flips.  The majority of these items are also selections that you may want to include in your own home, even if you’re not planning on selling.  

Many people have a real fear of making a “wrong” decision when it comes to making the design decisions.  First of all, I can share from experience that almost every choice can be “undone” for a cost. But I have only had to do that one time.  That’s a story for another day.  The majority of the choices you are making should be ones that would appeal to a large majority of people if you are going to be selling anytime soon.  Color and accents can always be added later with styling and accessories.

Here are my top selections for flips and renovations:

White shaker style cabinets

This style of cabinet has been on the top of home buyers lists for the past several years.  It is classic and it works in many different types of homes.  

It is easy to work with.  If you need to add anything to the cabinets the style and profile is easy to match.  For example, if you need to add end panels for a fridge or the base cabinets, it can be done quickly and without a lot of expense.  The same if you are adding an island.  The extra details on the ends and the back of the island can be built and painted to match.  The paint finish and color are also an easy match for standard white which ties in perfectly with the trim.

Quartz Counter tops

The color selection and the likeness to some more expensive materials (like a marble or a soapstone) but at a lower price point and needing less maintenance make it a favorable choice for homeowners.  There are so many options including color and veining that you can easily accommodate many style preferences.


When I first got started flipping my budgets were so tight that tile wasn’t an option.  I used molded surrounds and vinyl flooring in many of my projects.  These were also houses that were selling in the $60-100K price point.  Now all that has changed.  Tile is more easily available and much more affordable.  In fact, it can nearly be comparable.  While I use all types of tile in projects now, subway tile is a permanent selection.  Some may think in terms of subway tile as being something that is “trendy”.  However, it has been a choice for homes since the early 1900’s. 

The variety of sizes and colors that are now available make it an easy choice to again, work within the style of many spaces and also create a unique look by varying sizes and colors or textures.  For example, using the traditional subway tile on the sides of a shower or tub surround and then installing a marble or a patterned tile on the back.  The flexibility to create unique and distinct design is limitless.  

Hardwood Flooring

Anytime there is an opportunity to install or retain an original wood floor it is usually the most cost effective. Many buyers have a preference for charm and in many homes that begins with the hardwood flooring.  The most often seen version is oak.  This is optimal since it is easy to source and once installed can be sanded and stained so that it matches any existing floors.  The next most common is maple and that can get a bit trickier.  Maple ages on its own and changes color so to install new maple means that you will have a different color than the existing.  It also doesn’t absorb stain the same way so you will have some color variations.

Stainless steel appliance suite

For every kitchen we install what has come to be the standard for homes.  The four piece stainless packages vary in price a look so depending upon the price point of the home, the choice may vary a bit.  All kitchen ranges are gas, as that is preferred by buyers.  The microwave placement may vary from home to home depending upon the layout.  Some may allow for a microhood so those microwaves then are installed in a lower cabinet instead.

Neutral paint colors

With the exception of the front door You don’t have to have a design degree to choose neutral, inviting colors.  All you need is a computer and a store where you can purchase paint.  One of my go to colors is one that I have used for nearly 5 years and I get questions on it all the time.  It’s Benjamin Moore Intense White and I frequently use it in all the open living spaces and kitchens.  Whatever paint colors you choose, make sure to check samples before you commit to an entire house.

You don’t need to have a degree in design or experience to choose the right materials.  Leaning more neutral with the selections, adding in details with styling and staging, and looking for inspiration to guide you is all you need.  

Ready to take that next step when it comes to flipping?

That’s why I’ve got additional resources to help you get the information you need to move forward on creating your flipping life.

Make sure you have the Fixer Upper Checklist so you know which areas are key to added value in a home.

There are several videos available on finding houses, renovations, and funding on the Threshold Homes YouTube Channel. Check out your favorite flipping topics and new videos weekly.

You can’t close a successful and profitable flip unless you start. What is your biggest challenge is with getting started house flipping? I’m here to help.


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