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Elevate Your Space with Plants

When scrolling through photos of beautifully styled spaces you will likely see some spots of green throughout.  One of the best accessories you can add to a space is truly inspired my mother nature. And for those who may not be fans of the care of a real plant there are several amazing faux options available and for staging may provide just the right accent needed. 

House Plant Staging Amber Miller

Where to add greenery?

First place I think of when adding live foliage to a home I am staging is the front entry.  Is there space to add potted flowers or foliage?  If the answer is yes, then go for the immediate curb appeal.  A tip for those who may be staging a home in cooler climate (like Minnesota) is to use evergreens.  Since flowers are seasonal and we are staging homes all year I will often purchase a small evergreen shrub and place it in a decorative pot to achieve that greenery effect. 

House Plants for Staging Amber Miller Threshold Homes 1

Living Room

In rooms there is often a similarity in height amongst the furniture.  Adding a tall plant to a corner can break up the view and draw your eye up.  It can fill in spaces where maybe no other item would properly fit and the texture of greenery adds to spaces where softer surfaces may be dominant.  It can also make a space feel more cozy by softening an angled corner.

House Plants Decor - Amber Miller


With all the cold surfaces you find in a kitchen a plant or flowers can add just the right amount of life to the space.  Think of greenery on a table as a centerpiece.  This is a place where even just clipping some branches from an outdoor shrub can have an impact.  Herb plants such as rosemary or basil can also be welcome additions. 


One of the most overlooked spaces for staging is the bathroom.  This is a space that can benefit from small displays of succulents (real or faux) or something elegant and sophisticated like an orchid (again real or faux).  Also think of using taller plants as a way to incorporate height and interest. 



Here think of side tables as an optimal place to add some detail.  A bud vase with a fresh cut single flower or a succulent can add a designer touch.  Add in a clock, a table lamp or stacked books and you have everything needed to create a simple and unique display.

Decorative Vignettes

Greenery should be included I any decoration vignette throughout a space.  If you consider all of the opportunities to display items in groups like a console table or coffee table those areas will benefit from including greenery for height, texture and visual interest.  They create a simple and elegant display that conveys a chic element. 

There are so many benefits to adding greenery to a space whether you are staging or preparing your home for sale.  Incorporating this element in conjunction with staging can truly create spaces that have a charm and style that can set your home apart. 

So coming up on the blog we’ll talk more about home staging and I also have a request to pick out my favorite light fixtures for foyers and entryways! So stay tuned… and subscribe to my blog here so you don’t miss out on any design tips!

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Happy Decorating!

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How to Decorate with Plants and Greenery Amber Miller

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