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How to Spot a Quality House Flip

I am writing this post as I just finished an open house for our latest project.  I’ll be revealing the “Honey House” in detail next week when I have the professional photos and video to share.  It’s always so interesting to hear the questions and comments that people make when they walk through the houses.

Many of them have a deep love and interest in houses.  They usually also make the rounds on any and all open houses in their neighborhoods. They are an excellent source of information for perspective.  That is why I thought it would be helpful to take some of the comments I hear and share them with you. If you are already following along then you know that there are a lot of people who want to get started house flipping but do not know where to begin.  And while you may have some time before you buy that first flip, knowing what details buyers are checking out and what matters is priceless intel that you can use to create a home that is sure to be a success.

 1. The details matter

Over the past few years I’ve noticed an increase in the comments people have made on items that I’ve rarely heard before.  Items like trim, door hardware and even drawer cabinet construction. When you start to hear things regularly, you realize that there has been a shift with buyers.  This is especially in certain price points. Buyers are simply more knowledgeable and are looking for the small things that may indicate lack of care in the house flipping process.  That is why those small details are so key. When someone feels as though the smallest item was addressed, it conveys a feeling of confidence in the larger items as well.

details in house flip

2. Consistent Flooring

When you are opening walls throughout a main floor, there are likely different types of flooring.  You may find carpet in one area and linoleum in another. In most cases, there will be hardwood underneath the carpet. With an open floor plan, having a transition to another style of flooring (like a tile) would mean a transition that may be a bit of a toe hazard.  When you have the same floors throughout an area it is a detail that buyers truly appreciate. The skill and attention that it takes to install wood floors that match the original floors (called splicing in) is recognized as a detail that buyers appreciate.  

3. Thoughtful design process

Creating a home that appeals to buyers includes thinking about what makes sense.  For example, if there is a bedroom on a level then you also need to include a bathroom.  People aren’t fans of the idea that you’d have a bedroom upstairs with a bathroom on the main floor (ask me how I know).  Another area to think about is how people will come into and exit the house. Is there a transition area for where a bench and hooks could make that easier?  Is there an opportunity for a mudroom? Spending the extra time to add these touches will add to the appeal of the home.

4. Include storage

Buyers will often walk through a home and go through a mental move in check list process.  Where will the coats go? Where will the broom and vacuum cleaner be stored? Where will we put pantry items for the kitchen from our Costco run?  Where can we put the holiday decor? You get the idea. The more of these questions you can answer for your new home owner the easier it will be for them to envision themselves moving into the home.  

House flipping is a process where at the end of the project, you have created a space with your buyer in mind.  When you add in features, no matter how small, that they will appreciate, then you are truly creating a home.

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