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Is Patterned Tile for Your House Flip Too Much?

Choosing design accents for a house flip requires a certain balance to it. You want to create something neutral that appeals to buyers. You also don’t want to install the same type of materials that every other house flipper is using.  There’s a fine line between being at the forefront of a trend and letting it hang around a little too long. That is why with every project I work to put together a design that is unique to each house.  For awhile, patterned tile has been a part of that. There are so many selections available in every price range. There is no shortage of choices whatever your budget may be. These tiles can also be installed in a variety of spaces, as seen here in these completed projects.

Main Floor Bathroom

Since most main floor baths are on the smaller side, this is a perfect place to add a lot of impact by installing this tile on the floor. When paired with a simple white subway tile, even a bold and modern pattern can have a classic feel. 

Master Bathroom

With this master bathroom, I was inspired by a photo I saw of a designer space on Instagram.  The tile combination was easy to replicate on a budget that worked for a house flip. The patterned tile was installed on one of the walls in the shower (great money-saving tip) and the other walls with a white subway tile.  The grey hexagon on the floor balances the detail in the accent tile. It’s just enough interest to keep this new master suite from looking like every other master bathroom renovation.

Fireplace Surround

While I love the chance to create a feature with the fireplace I also try to keep the potential buyers in mind.  The fireplace is usually the focal point of the room and since I am designing for an unknown buyer, I want to be mindful of that.  But occasionally I break my own rules…but I stay true to a neutral black and white scheme, just to keep it simple. 

The overwhelming response about the graphic tile trend is that it will continue into 2020. With every type of pattern from subtle to bold and from pastel to primary, there is sure to be an option for every space and every budget.  Making it an option for flips of all price points.

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