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Kitchen Faucet Trends

It used to be that kitchens were closed off from the other rooms in the house.  Magically meals would appear and be served as though prepared from thin air.  Now the kitchen is the heart of the home and often is located centrally amongst the living and dining areas.  This placement and changes has led to even the smallest design details in kitchens presenting an opportunity to shine.  Even kitchen fauctets have developed a reputation for more than just “the hardest working feature” in the kitchen.

Kitchen faucets have evolved like so many other items in kitchen design from an afterthought to something that ties in with the overall feel of the kitchen.  Semi-commercial faucets are a result of the more industrial kitchen appliances we have seen over the past few years.  Professional grade appliances in the home partner well with a faucet that has the semiprofessional appearance which includes a heavy nozzle for tough tasks and a stretchy fabric hose rather than metal.  Spray head, pull down hose, single hole and an arm for securing when not in use.  This style adds detail while maintaining all the function.

While faucet design has evolved so have the finish choices.  Matte black is now an option in a price point considerably lower than in the past and is a favorite way to add some drama to a typically ordinary area.  It is also a great option if you are considering mixing metals in a space as it plays well with chrome, stainless or brushed brass. 

Bridge faucets have a classic style and many versions are now available from a modern perspective to a traditional familiar profile.  This is a style I have not yet installed in a project primarily because the practical side of me prefers the “single hole” installation of a standard faucet for cleaning purposes and a more streamlined counter appearance. 

There are great selections to chose from no matter what your style and the with the ability to mix and match profiles and finishes faucets are just another way to create a space unique to you.  What faucet style and finish would you choose for your space?


Here are some recent kitchen faucets that I have purchased from Amazon and used in my home flips. Feel free to check out my entire Kitchen Design Shop here.

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