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Kitchen Layout Tips to Create Top Dollar Value

Amber Miller Fix and Flip Home Renovation Business Tips

With the average kitchen renovation costing more than $60,000, its no wonder that buyers appreciate walking into a house with a new kitchen space. When designing the kitchen layout there are some very specific details I include to make the most of the budget.  

Open Concept

Which walls can come down? The trend for open kitchen spaces is one that is not going anywhere anytime soon. Creating a flow between the kitchen, dining area, and living areas is a draw for buyers. With the removal of walls though, also comes the removal of cabinet and counter space. Make sure that you are considering these changes and look for new opportunities to make up for any lost cabinetry or storage with the the new floor plan. In this space, extra storage was added on the seating side of the island to compensate for the upper cabinets that were removed when the space was opened to the dining room.

Peninsula or Island

Where can a peninsula or island be added?  This multi-functional space is a top request from buyers. Primarily, it is for the casual seating option but often it is used for serving and food prep space too.  Design Tip-This can be an area where you could add some storage by putting cabinets underneath the island for storage.  Just make sure you have enough countertop overhang to allow for knee space.


Where can I create the largest areas of countertop?  Often I see kitchen layouts where there is very little workspace to actually prepare or cook meals.  Buyers will often stand in kitchens and act as though they would if they were preparing dinner. They are looking for the sections of the counter where they would unload items from the fridge, chop, and serve.  If a thoughtful design is missed then it can leave them less than enthusiastic about the space.  


Account for the appliances-Placing the appliances in the right spot can make or break a kitchen. If appliances are not installed in the correct place, you can have drawers or cabinets that do not function properly.  Or they only function if there is another door open. Not ideal. Tucking a fridge in a back corner is usually a wise move. Consider a counter depth model for a sleeker appearance as well as a few extra inches in for a walkway or clearance. If you are working in a narrow space, account for your range door and your dishwasher doors being open as well.  

The key to designing a stunning kitchen layout lies in the details. 

If this is new to you, there are some design resources available at many home improvement and cabinet distributors.  It never hurts to create a list of all the items you need to remember just in case a question or two gets missed. The time to make changes is before the cabinets are ordered.  After, it is much more difficult, but not impossible to make changes. I have seen houses sit much longer on the market than is standard if the kitchen layout was one that was a challenge for buyers.  This is an area where the extra time and thought will be well invested.

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