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Kitchen Trend Forecast for 2023

Which Design Elements Are Tops for the Year Ahead?

We’re going into another year, and one thing is sure to remain the same: The importance of a great kitchen. Many buyers look at the kitchen to check off things on their “must have” lists. From the size to features and design.

Not only is it a crucial part of the buyer’s desires, it’s also one of the first impressions of the home! I’m going to share eight “musts” for every kitchen design in 2023!

Large Islands

Always an ideal option that buyers appreciate. Dining spaces are important, but day-to-day life happens around the island. Space is always the determining factor but seating for four to six is a good target.

Consider unique shapes for islands. Not every room is going to have room for a traditional rectangle shaped island, so get creative. Think of square (with legs) or extending the top of the counter to make the most of this feature.

How I Use This Trend – Installing cabinets on both sides of an island and extending the counter top works to achieve the ideal casual dining area while maximizing storage.

Hardware for Cabinets

Next 2023 kitchen trend is unique and mixed hardware. Using different hardware is a trendy way to improve the design of a kitchen and house as a whole.

The amount of finishes and sizes for pulls and handles have never been greater. Using knobs or pulls on doors in round, oval, square, or rectangle shapes is another way to elevate any cabinet. For drawers, consider cup pulls or handles with a backplate for an extra touch. If using the same finish, make sure they match. For example, champagne brass is not the same as brushed brass. Make sure to order from the same manufacturer or get a sample first. 

How I Use This Trend – Adding a bit extra to the budget to accomodate the mix of styles from room to room. While I love the look of high end options (like Rejuvenation) they don’t always work from a budget perspective. I’ve found great options that you can shop here and here.

Modern and Traditional Combinations

My childhood home was full of traditional elements and while those are very different from what we call “traditional” today, it’s an interesting idea to bring these two styles together. I love a lot of these home design choices where items seemingly look great together that on their own you may not choose. I love that unexpected design moment. One thing I love to see or put into my flips is a mix of a traditional shaker cabinet with original wood floors and a slightly unexpected element like a light with a modern vibe. .

Traditional styles lend themselves to a timeless and classic home and when combined with easy modern touches they can strike the perfect balance.

How I’ll Use This Trend – As design shifts there are pairings that are easy to add from a flip design perspective that also maintain wide appeal. Lighting (think sputnik chandeliers or sculptural glass lighting) are an absolute go-to when bringing in just the right amount of modern to a space. Or taking a traditional board + batten wall detail and mixing the scale up to create a new version. Lighting options from retailers like West Elm are a favorite to use to add in a sleek, modern profile. They also have some amazing lighting choices.

Slab Backsplashes

Another style choice is carrying the countertop material into the backsplash area. It’s worth mentioning when considering design trends for 2023. Depending upon the cost of the tile backsplash you may install the cost of the slab can be approximately double. It was for me when I had it estimated (approx $18.00 per foot). It might not be a deal breaking, but is definitely something to choose for the right project. If the amount of space is small, it doesn’t quite carry the same impact.

How I’ll Use This Trend – In the right kitchen, this could be amazing. It’s on the list to use should a project come up for it. In the meantime, I’m using a variety of classic subway tiles in a variety of colors, styles and patterns to create a classic + unique backsplash. One of my favorite new options is the Zellige tile. It always garners plenty of comments during open houses.

Colors and Tones

While it may seem as though the experts are ready to move on, buyers don’t have the same persepective. Neutrals, especially white and light colors, will continue to be popular in 2023 amongst buyers. There is also a preference for that neutral palette throughout a home. Interjecting color is often used in a specific room or an intentional detail. There are also some specific wood tones and colors that can be utilized throughout homes to create a custom feel. Especially when it comes to floors and vanities.

Wood Tones

When it comes to flooring and cabinetry many “experts” are hinting that a move towards darker shades will be the mood for 2023. If you want to get on this trend, opt for deeper tones for floors or rich colors with tile as compared to the more monochromatic vibe. 

How I’ll Use This Trend – When it comes to wood tones I’ll be staying more medium to light. While darker colors for stains can be beautiful they also tend to require more attention with cleaning and dings. The lighter shades also make spaces seem larger which is always a plus.

Blue and Green Shades

This color choice (greenish undertones in blue, or using both green and blue) is a refreshing change from a typical black and white. These colors can be a pleasant surprise for buyers. Expert interior designer, Kate Lester, weighed in saying “[Using shades of blue with green undertones] immediately creates a wow factor, adds interest, and provides contrast.” Rich and saturated varieties of these colors can also read more neutral when considering the rest of the decor.

How I’ll Use This Trend – As a fan of blues and greens for islands and accent walls I’ll continue to incorporate these into my design plans. I’m actually sampling some deep greens for an upcoming project right now. Another place to use these colors is a front door to really amp up the curb appeal. Especially if the exterior is neutral.

Colorful Backsplash

There’s a lot to say about the evolution of backsplashes. Some prefer to stray from the norm of a simple, single color backsplash. I’m sure you’ve seen the various patterns and colored backsplashes that can also truly make that feature THE focus of the space.

A 2023 trend is getting bold with the backsplash. A colorful backsplash is a great pop of color and pattern. Many kitchens continue to be white since it’s always a crowd pleaser, and a pop of color in the backsplash may be a great addition. I’m always a fan of an unexpected color. Black subway tile is surprisingly sophisticated without feeling trendy.

How I’ll Use This Trend – While I love the idea of a colorful pattern on the backsplash, it’s not something that all buyers are comfortable with. So for the present time, I’m sticking with floor tile for that pattern punch and keeping the backsplash neutral. One of my favorites is below and you can see the modern lighting I used here too. Mixing and matching trends can be tricky but here they work. P.S. – I also mixed metal finishes here too.

Statement Lighting

And last (but never least) the 2023 kitchen trend is statement lighting! From pendants, to chandeliers and sconces there are so many opportunities to bring in fresh options. Lighting is one way that appealing to buyers can be accomplished in a simple way. Moving into 2023 though, statement lighting will continue to be a way to create a standout space.

Buyers often appreciate statement lighting. Where the rest of the room may be neutral, a unique lighting choice can really ramp up the space. Be adventurous with your lighting choices, especially in the kitchen.

How I’ll Use This Trend – As design shifts there are pairings that are easy to add from a flip design perspective that also maintain wide appeal. Lighting (think sputnik chandeliers or sculptural glass lighting) are an absolute go-to when bringing in just the right amount of modern to a space. I’ve even found that moving away from a farmhouse style can be accomplished with the right lighting installation.

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