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Patterned Tile

Choosing Patterned Tile | Amber Miller with

Whether you are house hacking a renovation for yourself, flipping a house, or improving a property as a rental or an Airbnb; there is something for everyone when it comes to installing patterned tile.

When making interior selections I try to steer away from trends.  In fact, I deliberately lean more neutral and classic.  That is in large part to the fact that when planning renovations for a future buyer the goal is not to be “too personal”.  There is an appeal that you want to create where everyone can see themselves living in that space.

Anywhere you install patterned tile you are sure to get some comments. Whether using it on the floor, in a shower, or as a back splash in a kitchen or bar area the character and warmth it adds makes it a standout. Which makes bending the rules with patterned tile completely acceptable. Take a look at some of these versions from recent projects.

This tile is from the Tile Shop and has a weathered or distressed feel to it. This was installed in the main floor bathroom with a medium grey vanity and white subway tile surround in the tub. This particular house lacked any specific design direction and was very simple. This flooring provided some subtle character and charm in a small space.

Choosing Patterned Tile


Choosing Patterned Tile

One of my all time favorite bathrooms is this master suite. Since the attic was unfinished the layout and the design of this space was all new. Pairing a dramatic pattern on a single wall in the shower creates a focal point to enjoy as you walk by the space and adds that luxurious custom touch.


Choosing Patterned Tile

This kitchen featured a lot of natural light so there was minimal area for the kitchen back splash. By installing a vent hood the bold patterned tile was able to make an impact all the way to the ceiling.

Floor and Hearth

Choosing Patterned Tile

One of the reasons patterned tile remains at the top of the “must have” list is likely the classic color combination it often can be found in. Black and white offers timeless charm while the patterns range from substantial and bold to vintage and muted. And if you do so happen to have the inkling for a bold color these tiles will certainly play well with that element too.

Lastly, if you want tips on color, size and grout, those can be found here.

Patterned Tile Hearth Fireplace 2 by Amber Miller

Want to buy a property and renovate it?

After flipping over 100+ homes I have learned a thing or two about what makes a great flip. There are 8 things I immediately look for to increase a home’s value with renovations and these can help you too!

Stay tuned for next week… I have more staging tips and fun fixture ideas coming your way!

Choosing Patterned Tile | Amber Miller with | patterned tile, bathroom tile, kitchen backsplash, fireplace tile, decorative tile, tile design, tile makeover

For more inspiration in choosing your next patterned tile check out my Pinterest board —> Focus | Tile.

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