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Rambler Design Flip Edition

Taking a classic floorplan from closed and cramped to an open and light filled stunner.

As I’ve said before, there is more than one consideration when deciding if a home is right for you and your next flip project. Some of the main things to consider are the location and layout of the house.

In this flip, the highlight of this purchase is the area it was in. While the space and layout weren’t ideal, it had potential. Plus, the location was great. 

The simplicity of a single-level home has long-lasting appeal But with a floor plan that’s less desirable…What do you do? I am going to share how I used a home with segmented spaces to create a beautiful, open, and efficient floor plan.

My Process from Square One

As always, I went through the usual list of questions before making my offer. I asked myself…

  1. Is this a desirable location for buyers?
  2. What are the comparable sales?
  3. Is there potential to add square footage?
  4. Does the kitchen need to be updated?
  5. Are there baths that can be updated?
  6. What features can be added to elevate this home with buyers?

Obviously, these all passed for me. My next step was planning and budgeting. A single-level home and detached garage meant we needed to come up with a new entrance. This is a step that can easily be overlooked.

I like to call it the “if you lived here” question. I use this strategy quite often. When I’m thinking about how someone will use spaces or move through the home. It can also be what someone would expect from the home. Think of those items that are often at the top of the “want” or “dream home” list.

For this particular house, the “want list” included:

  • An access point from the detached garage to the home.
  • A drop zone area by the door since a dedicated mudroom didn’t work with the floor plan.
  • An all-new open-concept layout.
  • A dining space that wasn’t a dual-purpose bedroom.
  • A kitchen island that could accommodate additional seating.
  • A home with four bedrooms (one of which was an ensuite with a private bath).
  • A fully finished lower level.

The above are just the “pretty” items. All of the big-ticket items were also in need of replacement. Every. Single. One! But location kept it a great investment.

Some additional touches that were added that made a big difference included:

  • Adding a walk-in closet to the main floor suite.
  • Installing a custom metal railing around the staircase (game-changer when it came to the open floor plan).

Here are photos of where this home started with the kitchen, dining and living spaces

And now the after views of the space

For the bedroom spaces

Addtional touches were added that made a big difference like

  • Adding a walk-in closet to the main floor suite.
  • Creating an all new ensuite bath
  • Installing a custom grid wall detail (for under $200.00)

Location + Potential

This rambler design came together in a way that truly highlighted all the best parts of the home. When a location is right then the renovations are the next assessment. What would a buyer expect in this home? What features does it need? What’s possible within the existing home? These are all questions that once answered, curated this bright and functional layout with all the required details included.

Spotting properties like this can be easy and I am here to help you skip the mistakes and discover the most important parts of the flipping business and real estate industry. With the right plan behind you it is possible and I’ve got the right resources for every step of the journey.

Ready to get started in flipping (or refine your existing flip business)?

Buy, Renovate and Sell successfully with my Find Your Flip program. From the comfort of your home tour three properties with me and discover what I’m looking for when deciding on a flip prpject. A great option that has helped people kick off their businesses successfully with proven tips and a wealth of information. 

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