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Red Brick Rambler Renovation – Before and After Part Two

What would any renovation be without a stunning kitchen transformation? This week we are checking out the next round of before + after’s on the Red Brick Rambler.

The original layout of the kitchen included a back entry with a staircase immediately to the lower level. Next to the kitchen there was a small room that had no clear use. Immediately I started planning on how to re-configure that back entry and the “spare” room so we could add some type of mudroom space.

While we weren’t able to include an entirely separate mudroom space, this custom bench is an ideal substitute. Especially when you include details like the contrasting board and batten detail along the back of the wall. I’ll let you in on a secret. This is not only more interesting to look at but it sustains wear and tear better than a painted wall.

The footprint of the kitchen remained fairly similar with the exception of removing the walls in these smaller back areas. Once those were removed, the layout became easy to open. The wall was also removed between the kitchen and the dining room to allow for a flexible space that can accomodate many table and seating arrangements.

Kitchen Renovation Specifics

Kitchen details were an important part of this renovation since there were not many original details in the existing house. The original hardwood floors were the exception. The kitchen did not have the same hardwood flooring as the rest of the main floor so there was new flooring installed and spliced in to match the rest of the flooring.

The ability to add an island and improve the layout of the kitchen allowed for a significant increase in the cabinetry and storage situation. Now there is plenty of room for groceries, dishes and casual seating at the island. And note, the sink and window remained in the same location. Quite the difference when you change out the color scheme, add some new windows and update the lighting.

One of the most commented on choices in this house was the fireplace. It was a defining element between the front living room and the dining room. While it could have been removed I made the call to keep it. Not only do fireplaces add value to a home from an appraisal standpoint but this house had so few original details it felt as though the fireplace added to the overall original charm and character of the house.

The board and batten detail was also added to this area and the wall opened to the right to create connection from the front to the back of the house.

The main living area, dining area and kitchen are now a cohesive main floor layout instead of three separate spaces. Despite being asked by one perspective buyer if the fireplace could be removed, the decision to keep it was one that ultimately, the new homeowners appreciated.

The keys to creating this main floor that appealed to buyers was the details. While the house itself had very few original details retaining them was key. The other part was creating a cohesive design throughout this open layout. Repeating the board and batten from the fireplace to the kitchen island to the mudroom bench created connection. With the kitchen being primarily white the grey blue detail on the island and the bench were an unexpected design pop that mirrored the front door color too.

Intentional connection and details are what really make a space a stand out. And the best part is that these choices can work with any renovation. As long as you plan for them.

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