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Splurge Worthy Tips for Your Kitchen in Your Flip

While time and budget are king when it comes to house flipping there are some details that can take a space from so-so to stand out.  While buyers love updated spaces they also appreciate small details that may not be found in other kitchen renovations.

Can I take out a wall?

If there is a way to open up the kitchen to other rooms in a house than do it!  This single choice can change the entire look of a house. It can make a small kitchen feel larger, create more counter top surface, allow for a new casual seating area and allow gathering and socializing throughout. 

kitchen walls

Can I add cabinetry?

When walls are opened the cabinet layout may change.  Look for additional opportunties to include more storage especially in a a space with a smaller footprint.  Consider dining area walls or transitional spaces which can accomodate even a narrow upper cabinet.

Add stunning counter tops.

This is an area where I will always build in a little extra.  Choosing a quartz that complements the design of the space and offers high quality design element like Carrara creates a space that stands out and that buyers will be eager to enjoy.

Bring on the backsplash.

While this doesn’t have to be a budget buster it can be a splurge.  Depending on the amount of space you will be tiling you may be able to select a statement type of tile like a pattern or Carrara accent.  When you have more space to cover you can always go with a white subway tile. The reflective qualities of a glossy white backsplash are second to none.  

kitchen backsplash

Light it up.

When you are renovating a space and installing new counter tops then you are going to have electricians onsite.  What better time to have them add some additional lighting to the kitchen? Think of rececessed lights and an over the sink light as a way to not only create a functional space for food preparation but also you can seize the chance to install a light over the sink that not only is useful but adds a unique design element.  Again…its those little touches that really make a difference.

kitchen lighting

Adding specific elements to your kitchen design that don’t add significantly to the bottom line but create a space that truly stands out when compared to other homes is the secret to appealing to homebuyers from the moment they walk in the door.

Want to buy a property and renovate it?

Looking to buy a house to renovate? Check out the fixer upper checklist to help you find the perfect house.

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