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Staging a Home for Sale in 2021

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You may think that with the real estate market being as hot as it is right now that staging doesn’t matter. Not the case. In fact, staged homes are showing to continue to generate more offers and sell faster. So, what are the areas now that are truly making buyers fall in love with a home? There’s a few and the good news is you don’t need to take on a top-to-bottom renovation in order to add some of these benefits. You can do it with smart staging…and a few creative selections.

Create a Feature Wall

There are a variety of ways that you could use to add interest to a space. The simplest would be to use a dark paint shade on a single wall.

Another option would be to incorporate some type of wall detail. Shiplap, board and batten or even a grid pattern can offer a unique take on a custom detail that can highlight a space.

Add Some Wiring

Buyers looking for homes are also looking for easy access to technology. Having a home wired to offer ease to those who are working or enjoying a movie is a unique trait that many homes lack. And while we’re on the subject of wiring, lighting upgrades are also welcome.

Check the Curb Appeal

When renovating many exterior items can get an overhaul but if you’re staging don’t forget about the outside. Small changes can make a big difference when you’re looking at things like peeling paint, dated overhangs or shutters and address numbers that may have been in place since the 1940’s.

Go Deep on the Cleaning

One of the most important aspects of selling your house is making sure potential buyers can see your house. In particular, doing a deep clean and decluttering not only helps you prepare to move, but also gives you the opportunity to neatly and concisely show off your home. Cleaning out closets, spare rooms and garages are all necessary when prepping your place for sale.

Up the Outdoor Spaces

It doesn’t take much. Just a couple of chairs with a small table and some flowers. With all the time many people have spent indoors staging even the smallest oasis outdoors can provide that extra space many buyers are seeking.

Freshen Up with Paint

Even if you’re not into adding an accent a new coat of paint will make a home fresh and bright. Choosing a neutral color will allow a buyer to envision adding their own style through furnishings and accessories. And don’t skip out on the doors and trim. With traditional wear and tear these areas can typically use a once over too.

Add in Some “Extra” Spaces  

Have a wall or the corner of a space that could be a workspace? Add a desk, chair and some accessories and you’ve now got one of the topmost requested spaces. If you can dedicate and entire room as an office even better. In the past year I’ve started to leave out the guest bedroom and swapped in the office space since that’s where the demand has been.

Staging and Photos Still Matter as Much Now as Before

Real estate is emotional, whether prices are high or low. While economists talk numbers, home buyers and sellers often lead with their hearts.

One of the most important things you can get right (or very wrong) is photographs. Ultimately, unless you or your real estate agent is a photographer by trade or serious hobby, you’ll need to hire a pro.

The good news is it should be a small price to pay for a very meaningful return. After all, buyers can now peruse listings online or via their smartphone, and pictures are the very first showing a prospective buyer will have. Make sure that you don’t skip this key step.

Ready to take that next step when it comes to flipping?

That’s why I’ve got additional resources to help you get the information you need to move forward on creating your flipping life.

Make sure you have the Fixer Upper Checklist so you know which areas are key to added value in a home.

There are several videos available on finding houses, renovations, and funding on the Threshold Homes YouTube Channel. Check out your favorite flipping topics and new videos weekly.

You can’t close a successful and profitable flip unless you start. What is your biggest challenge with getting started house flipping? Let me know. It may be an area I’ve also had questions about myself. I’m here to help so drop me a DM.

Want to buy a property and renovate it?

Get my checklist that will help you — 8 Things I look for When Purchasing a Home. Just click here to download it.

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Looking to buy a house to renovate? Check out the fixer upper checklist to help you find the house with the most “flip” potential. For more inspiration follow me on Pinterest @thresholdhomesmn

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