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Staging a Home for Sale – Part 2

Staging a Home for Sale - Part 2

Staging a home can mean different things to different people. Your main goal is to make a home as appealing as possible to as many buyers as possible! Here are some additional tips for staging your home for sale. 

Note: This is my two-part series on Home Staging. You can read Part One HERE. Make sure to incorporate all the ideas from both posts so that your house can truly put its best foot forward.

Staging  a  Home  for  Sale - Part 2

1. Staging the Curb

Check out your house from the curb – Does it welcome visitors, or are there areas that show wear and neglect? A front door with a dinged up finish or a faded welcome mat, are quick and easy fixes. Adding a freshly potted plant, trimming overgrown trees and shrubs, replacing dated exterior light fixtures are all ways for your home to put its best foot forward.

Staging  a  Home  for  Sale - Part 2

2. Staging by Numbers

The rule of odd numbers – Stylists and designers use the rule of 3, 5, or 7 often when working. Pictures and accessories typically look best when grouped in odd numbers by adding dimension and interest to spaces.

Staging  a  Home  for  Sale - Part 2

3. Staging a Vision

Don’t forget the tabletop – Setting a table for serving can help a buyer envision that dinner party or holiday meal they may be hosting in the future.

Staging  a  Home  for  Sale - Part 2

4. Staging with Style

Style with accessories that are photo ready – if you are going to display white towels pick up some new ones. Fresh and bright towels are more likely to convey the relaxing spa feel that buyers will respond to.

Staging  a  Home  for  Sale - Part 2

5. Staging for Space

Make spaces appear larger – Add mirrors throughout your spaces. Don’t hesitate to add them in rooms across from a large window. The light and reflection can add to the open and spacious feeling.

Staging  a  Home  for  Sale - Part 2

6. Staging to Create

Lastly, demonstrate the value of all spaces – have strange closet or nook? Add shelving and some baskets for an instant storage boost. Weird open space between the kitchen and dining room? Add a couple of chairs and a side table for a conversation area. Wall space by the door and no mudroom? Add a bench and hang some hooks above it.


Staging your home is about showing that it meets all the essential needs of the buyer. By knowing what they are looking for and highlighting those aspects you are well on your way to a listing that buyers will love.


Remember to check out Part One: 5 things you must to do stage your home! 



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Staging  a  Home  for  Sale - Part 2

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