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Standout Sconces for Your Space

Brighten Up Your Place In the past, single light sconces were more expensive than the three light vanity fixtures.  Sounds off but I swear it’s true. And in those early days of house flipping, project budgets had zero wiggle room. It was all about the price so $30 lights were the go to.  As design […]

Three Easy Staging Tips and Tricks

I just finished staging our latest project and as I was finishing all the details I was thinking about how when you stage it really is all about the details.  I get calls on almost every listing with agents asking who did the staging. Since I do all the staging for the properties its a […]

Creating the Ultimate Master Suite

If you are familiar with me and my incessant house, hunting then you know that I am always on the lookout for unfinished space.  Attics or basements that have never been finished as livable space are an opportunity to add value and truly create a home for a buyer. It creates spaces unlike any other […]


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