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Key Ways to Spot a Good Flip Opportunity

key questions to ask about real estate coaching

It would be great if every house that should be sold at a discount was priced accordingly. But that’s just not how real estate works. In a seller’s market, sellers are going to try to get the most for their home. That is why, as an investor, it may take a little extra to find […]

Another Way to Look at Profit When it Comes to House Flipping

Last week I threw out a crazy idea about profit. Instead of making it a requirement that you hit it out of the park on profit for every flip: you consider 10K-20K a success.  I know, I know, that is completely crazy.  But as I promised, there is another way to look at profit.  Now […]

Amber’s Biz Tip: How I Put Together a Flip Budget

This question is at the top of the list when people are getting started house flipping.  And while I wish there was a magic, no-fail formula for success; there simply isn’t one. It’s also accurate to say that different houses with different price points will have different budgets.  Larger houses will have more bathrooms, which impacts […]


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