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Amber’s Biz Tip: When Patience is Worth Having in House Flipping

It is natural for people to want to see results quickly.  That is just truly how we are as people. We love seeing things change fast….especially if they make our life better.  But when you are starting a business like house flipping its important to have patience. When you rush into things or put pressure […]

Amber’s Biz Tip: Get the Best Price for Your Flip

The real estate market has been quite the hub of activity the past few years.  Even with many areas seeing low inventory and strong buyer activity your, house needs to stand out and be memorable.  As more and more people get into the house flipping arena there are certain observations that I have made: It […]

Amber’s Biz Tip: Writing the Offer for Your Flip

There is a difference between making an offer on a house that you are looking to flip and a house that you would buy for your own home.  As you progress on your journey buying investment properties you will may also discover that the use of the property will also influence the price. For example, […]


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