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Amber’s Biz Tip: What Do You Really Need to Flip Your First House

Top 5 Tips for First Time Flipper | Amber Miller with | #firsttimeflipper #fixandflip #newlisting

I’ve bought over 150 homes to flip and I am asked by hopeful flippers, “How do you get started?” I started flipping houses over 10 years ago. And it wasn’t easy to jump in. But I learned a VERY important lesson before I even got started … what you really need to flip your first […]

House Flipping Costs: Knowing Your Costs Before You Buy

Amber's Biz Tip: Costs Before You Get Started; Acquisition, Holding & Sale

You might remember a discussion on different ways to Put Together a Budget for Your Flip. House flipping has some expenses associated with it that can affect your bottom line if not accounted for.  You may have to move quickly when deciding upon a purchase. So using some generic calculations can quickly help to determine […]

Amber’s Biz Tip: Increase Value in Your Flip with these Two Items

Amber's Biz Tip: Increase value in your flip with these two items | Amber Miller with

Adding value is the foundation of flipping a house. There are several areas to look for including those I am always on the hunt to find (click here quick checklist in finding a fixer upper). Two items that are sure to increase value in a home are kitchens and baths. I have experienced first hand […]