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Before and After Details: Total Transformation of a Rambler with a View

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Every flip has a story. The first time I came across this neighborhood was in the summer of 2021. A house just went onto the market, and it was 8:30 PM. It looked like a completed fixer-upper in a great neighborhood, but the price seemed to be more in line with a retail buyer purchase. […]

Amber’s Biz Tip: House Flipping Business Plan

When you decide to flip a house it’s common to then ask yourself “what next?”.  Creating a business plan is a great next step for several reasons. If you are looking for a template you can find them online, but truthfully it can be done in a Word or Google document.  There is no fancy […]

Amber’s Biz Tip: When Patience is Worth Having in House Flipping

It is natural for people to want to see results quickly.  That is just truly how we are as people. We love seeing things change fast….especially if they make our life better.  But when you are starting a business like house flipping its important to have patience. When you rush into things or put pressure […]


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