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How to Find a House to Flip: A Step by Step Guide for a Profitable Flip

I have been scaling a house flipping business for over a decade. When I started, I was between various media to learn all I could about real estate and flipping. Now, with many years of experience (all successes and failures), I put together this step-by-step guide for a profitable flip in 2022! House flipping is […]

How to Find a House to Flip – Step by Step Guide to a Profitable Flip

The process of flipping a house involves multiple steps.  You have to find the house, buy the house, renovate the house and sell the house for profit.  While this breakdown is a simple version, I also know that along the way, there are missteps that can ultimately mean the difference between a profitable flip and […]

How to Make the Most of a Smaller House

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When it comes to the size of homes I am equal opportunity when it comes to design and renovation. No matter what the square footage of a home there are always opportunities to create spaces that “wow.” The smallest house I’ve ever worked on was just about 1200 square feet and it was s o […]


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