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Light Fixtures for Dining Rooms

Light Fixtures Kitchen & Dining Room - Amber Miller Threshold Homes

Dining Room Chandeliers Here the determining factor will be the placement of the table. If for some reason you are unsure of placement or purchasing a new table either wait to install the light until your table in place by having the electricians coil the wires in the ceiling without disturbing the drywall or be […]

Kitchen Island Design Ideas

In case you haven’t noticed, I am a big fan of kitchen islands.  It’s not just me though, home buyers often have an island on the top of their “want” list. When you are opening up a kitchen to other spaces like a living and dining room then you may (or may not) have the […]

Countertop Material for Your Kitchen Reno

Let’s talk about choosing your countertop material. With kitchen renovations continuing to be a top project for many, countertops are front and center. Even a minor kitchen upgrade (like changing out countertops) can have a strong return on investment. With an average of 80%, it is worth taking a look at the many options that […]


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