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How to Flip a House: Renovating Your Flip

The past couple of weeks I’ve broken down the process on how to find a flip property and how to fund your flip.  But it doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve got that home under contract the fun begins. It’s time to begin the renovation process. Key decisions are made here that will add value to […]

How to Fund a Flip – Find Money and Pick the Best Option

How to fund a flip is an area that can really trip people up when it comes to house flipping. For years, I didn’t move forward with buying a flip because I believed there was just one way to purchase a house and renovate it. By having cash. While that is an ideal option, there […]

How to Avoid Over Improving Your Flip

Does an over-improved flip seem like a contradiction to you? While many people consider flips to have low cost and low-quality materials the reality is there are so many people who actually over improve their flips in relation to the neighborhood. And what’s so important about this is that it happens to new flippers AND […]