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Amber’s Biz Tip: How Much Does it Really Cost to Flip a House?

This is the big question that a lot of people have.  And like everything to do with real estate the answer is “it depends.”  Since every house is different it is impossible to give a flat number that will apply in every situation.  The best I can offer after more than 10 years of experience […]

Amber’s Biz Tip: What You Can Learn From an Open House

When you are looking to get into house flipping a great place to start is with some research.   Educating yourself on your specific market is easy to do and doesn’t require an investment other than your time.  There are plenty of websites you can check out at no cost to see what the pricing […]

Amber’s Biz Tip: How Neighbors Can Affect Your Resale

You get a jump on a new listing that by all appearances, looks like it could be a profitable flip.  With a quick trip you are walking through the house and it checks all the boxes to potentially be a great project. The unfinished basement, kitchen that needs updating, hardwood floors that can be refinished…all […]


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