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How to Stage a Home to Sell in 2022

The real estate market in 2022 remains hot, with demand higher than available homes. With this in mind, you may feel it’s okay to skip staging, but I urge you to rethink that. Staged homes continue to generate more offers and sell faster. The good news is that proper staging can take the place of […]

Successful Flips Start Here

A successful flip is within your reach! Your first (or next) successful house flip starts here, with the following six steps. I learned and refined my processes over my decade-plus in the house flipping business. I will share with you the first six steps you must take before getting into the nitty-gritty with your flip. […]

How to Find a House to Flip – Step by Step Guide to a Profitable Flip

The process of flipping a house involves multiple steps.  You have to find the house, buy the house, renovate the house and sell the house for profit.  While this breakdown is a simple version, I also know that along the way, there are missteps that can ultimately mean the difference between a profitable flip and […]


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