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House Flipping: Expectations vs. Reality

Before diving into the house flipping business, you’ve likely had a glance into the life of a flipper through social media and house flipping shows. If that’s you, chances are you have some expectations of the process that might need to be debunked. The most common expectations are that flipping is easy, can be done […]

Why Some People Excel at House Flipping and Some People Don’t

Like any other business, some people excel, and others struggle. Flipping houses is not a specific science, but several things set the ones who do it well, apart from those who don’t.  I came up with four things that set successful flippers apart. Let’s get into four ways people who excel at house flipping differ […]

Successful Flips Start Here

A successful flip is within your reach! Your first (or next) successful house flip starts here, with the following six steps. I learned and refined my processes over my decade-plus in the house flipping business. I will share with you the first six steps you must take before getting into the nitty-gritty with your flip. […]


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