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How to Find a House to Flip – Step by Step Plan to Find a Profitable Flip

The process of flipping a house involves multiple steps.  You have to find the house, buy the house, renovate the house and sell the house for profit.  While this breakdown is a simple version, I also know that along the way, there are missteps that can ultimately mean the difference between a profitable flip and […]

Watch This Flip…New Flip Purchase and a Big Change in Layout Coming Soon

Halfway through the year and we are getting ready to start another new flip project.  Last week we picked up another house in need of an update…or 30.  We had to allow for a longer closing timeline due to the courts and government offices being closed for a while.  There were a couple of last […]

Sell Your Home for More…No Matter What Type of Market

One of the questions I am asked most on social media is about staging.  I have been staging my properties since 2010.  That was when I truly began to see what the impact was that it had with buyers.  I used to get comments from agents like “the house wasn’t a good fit but we […]


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