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How to Find a House to Flip – Step by Step Guide to a Profitable Flip

The process of flipping a house involves multiple steps.  You have to find the house, buy the house, renovate the house and sell the house for profit.  While this breakdown is a simple version, I also know that along the way, there are missteps that can ultimately mean the difference between a profitable flip and […]

How to Make the Most of a Smaller House

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When it comes to the size of homes I am equal opportunity when it comes to design and renovation. No matter what the square footage of a home there are always opportunities to create spaces that “wow.” The smallest house I’ve ever worked on was just about 1200 square feet and it was s o […]

Top 3 Areas to Focus on if I Started House Flipping Today

The majority of questions that people have when they are thinking about starting house flipping are usually around the larger “where do I even begin?” question.  What is great about that is there are many ways to answer. But if you really want to get started it can be narrowed down pretty quickly. By simply […]


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