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Flipping a House Other Buyers Passed On

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Finishing up a flip is a great feeling. For my newest flip, I knew what to look for in the home and it paid off. So, what did I see in this house that others missed? A few things. Let’s get into the potential I saw and the two things I KNEW were irresistible about […]

How To Know if a House is a Money Pit

Alabama Home Flip

Sometimes, you’ll find a deal on a fixer-upper property. It feels like you’ve hit the jackpot, and you’re already envisioning the transformation you’re going to create. But wait! You’ll want to make sure that you go into the process knowing what to expect. The worst thing you can do is fixate on a great price […]

Areas to Focus on When Deciding if A House has Potential

You’re probably wondering what key characteristics I look for in a fixer-upper. A few weeks ago, as I was looking for new projects, I created a short video that I shared on Instagram. There were so many comments that I thought it would be helpful to share that process here, as well. Choosing a home […]