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Splurge Worthy Tips for Your Kitchen in Your Flip

While time and budget are king when it comes to house flipping there are some details that can take a space from so-so to stand out.  While buyers love updated spaces they also appreciate small details that may not be found in other kitchen renovations. Can I take out a wall? If there is a […]

Design Tip – Favorite Sources for Tile

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to tile selections.  You can create combinations of high end and low end tile, use a single color throughout, and add interest with an impact color on the walls. With so many ways to go here are a few favorite sources that may help on your […]

Design Tip – How I Choose the Materials for a Flip House

I do not have a formal education in interior design.  In fact, I didn’t even know that I liked it or was good at putting spaces together until just 10 years ago or so.  You don’t need to be a design professional to choose great colors and tiles for homes. In fact, you can keep […]