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Three Easy Staging Tips and Tricks

I just finished staging our latest project and as I was finishing all the details I was thinking about how when you stage it really is all about the details.  I get calls on almost every listing with agents asking who did the staging. Since I do all the staging for the properties its a great compliment but at the same time it leaves me without a referral for them. 

Whether it is the eye for detail or my love of curating beautiful spaces, I have a few key staging or styling strategies that I include every time.  These are the smaller details that really create the type of spaces that I believe not only show well in photographs and videos but also show well when buyers are walking through the house. 

1. Decorate in threes

Place items and particularily accessories in groups of three is a long time design tip.  If threes don’t work then think odd numbers. The placement of the items is usually a mix of textures and heights which adds interest and brings in the designer touch.

2. Use trays

Grouping items on a tray makes them feel more organzied and less chaotic which is pleasing to the eye.  A book, vase and candle make a true centerpiece when corralled on tray in the middle of the table. Quick tip: I use trays behind items in the kitchen and on open shelves to for a layering effect.

3. Soft materials

White fluffy towels are always a good idea.  Bathrooms tend to feel cold with all the hard surfaces so the cozy touch of folding hand towels and laying them on the vanity or hanging white fluffy towels from hooks gives a relaxing spa feel that they can’t wait to come home to experience.

In staging so many of the large pieces will remain the same from house to house so it’s all up to those small differences to make an impact.  Creating a space that feels comfortable, welcoming and cozy attracts buyers and allows them to envision how the house will support them living their best life.

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