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Tried and True Exterior Paint Colors

Painting season is in full swing now that temperatures are above the freezing point.  When it comes to exteriors I prefer paint to installing new siding since the color choices for paint provides a wider selection.  Here are a few colors that I have used in for exteriors that have truly transformed the houses.

1. Blue Metal by Behr

2. Coventry Grey by Benjamin Moore

3. Drift of Mist by Sherwin Williams

4. French Beret by Benjamin Moore

5. Soot by Benjamin Moore

Always, always, always sample the paint colors on the houses.  Put up a swatch in an area of shade and an area of sun so that you can see how the color looks different. Do this even if you have used a color before.  Interior colors look differently outside and every house is different as far as direction, vegetation, or exterior material.  Stucco paints differently than siding so make sure to sample anyways.  It is worth the extra step to save yourself an entire house re-do.

Remember your trim colors.  Even if it is just a shade of white.  Once you have a main body color for your house put up a sample of the trim color next to it to insure that it co-ordinates well. 

Accent opportunities can exist even when you home is neutral.  Are you adding shutters or painting a front door?  These areas can also be part of the color scheme when selecting your exterior colors.  Will they be painted or stained?  If they are going to be painted are you looking to create a monochromatic color schemem or a contrasting color palette.  If you are looking to create a more monochromatic feel then consider selecting colors on the same swatch that vary by shade.

One of my long time tips is to look to the neighborhood for direction.  If there is another recent renovation just a few houses down that is one of my “go to” colors, I will chose another color.  If the house right next door is a light grey, I will remove my light grey from my options.  The only exception is that if there is an aged white house nearby and I am really wanting to go with t white exterior, I may consider doing that.  A crisp and fresh white house is always a upgrade.  Just make sure to test your whites or you may find yourself with a shade that is more similar to cream or off white.

What exterior colors have you used that worked well?  

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