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Two Key Spaces Where Bonus Design Ideas Equal Big Value

From Potential to Reality

Every house has a story.  There’s always just a little bit more than what is seen in the before and after photos.  

The initial listing price for this home was high for the finishes and layout, which is why it was not selling. It took some time before any price adjustments were made.   This house was the perfect underdog. I love the house that is just a little too strange or lacked just the right combination of spaces and function for how people live today. I knew this house had many things going for it but the updates that were needed were going to be a significant undertaking for anyone.  However, all the right framework was there for this house to become something above and beyond.  

I view myself and my approach to renovations as “taking the weird out of houses”.  There is the type of weird that is original. Things that were just done differently or just don’t make sense for how people live today.  There is the added on over time type of weird where several different ideas were put into motion without a plan. Sometimes by one homeowner or multiple. Sometimes there are just things that are missing.  Maybe its a master bathroom or maybe its a functional lower level space. Whatever it is, I always have an idea on how to make it work.

I’m going to break down the plan of two of the key main floor spaces in the Blake Road Bungalow. I will show what steps were taken to move from maybe, to definitely for function and buyer appeal. 

The plan:

When I first walked into the house I knew there were a couple huge areas where modern creativity could come in handy.  With the kitchen having been updated in the past 20 years, it wasn’t original but it had a dark and heavy feeling. The mid toned cabinets seemed to absorb the light in the space making it feel much darker.  The cabinets were also installed and wrapped around the kitchen wall to the hallway.

The solution:

Installing a white shaker style cabinet created a shift in the light.  There were also new recessed lights installed and the kitchen cabinets were installed to add counter space under the window and for a peninsula for casual seating.  The wood windows were also updated and the window over the sink that had been arched was changed to a square window. Bonus design move: The wall in the kitchen that connected to the hallway was opened and a custom metal railing installed.  Opening up the hallway and staircase transformed this area. Without adding any square footage this house suddenly felt much larger.

The plan:

This house is situated on a lot that is 30% larger than most.  It had a large deck that partialy wrapped around the house but the only way to enjoy it was to go through two sets of doors.  The side and backyard space were also a great focal point but they were not visible from the main living areas.

Blake Road Bungalow Budget and Renovation plan

The solutions:

Show off all that beautiful yard space by making it visible from living area.  Bonus design move: Converting the three season porch that was already there to a four season porch by opening the wall and removing the door highlights this spectacular view. From your first steps past the front door, you know you have an exceptional space to enjoy.  Welcome to the perfect space for morning coffee or a home office space that is suitable for use all 12 months of the year.  

This is just a highlight of a couple key spaces in this whole home transformation.  Make sure to check back in next week when we walk through the master bedroom and the lower level.  You are sure to find inspiration and ideas for how to discover renovation potential for your projects.

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